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Yangshuo Rock Climbing

About Me

Wei Hua 韋華

I'm born and rasied in Yangshuo. I like to stay here and become a rock climbing guide is because Yangshuo is such an amazing place. It's becomes hectic in summer but calmness when winter comes. This gives you the balance of life.

My first climb we in 2004 but then I cannot stop climbing! I was working, training and learning in Black Rock Climbing for several years. My role was usually guiding the beginner course and is one of the management staff. I had gained quite a lot technical skills and guiding skills there. It's really make me become an all-round rock climbing guide today. I was left in 2011 and become a China Mountaineering Association (CMA China) qualified rock climbing guide.

I am passionate about rock climbing and outdoor activities. No matter you're an experienced climber and would like to get some information about climbing in China or you are a backpacker simply looking for decent accommodation in Yangshuo. Don't Hesitate to contact me! 

Anyone who is interested to extend or develop your Climbing or Tourist industry in Yangshuo. You can also contact me to see whether if we can collaborate or bring out anything.