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Yangshuo Rock Climbing

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Yangshuo Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is one of the famous tourist place in China. It's surrounded by Karst mountains, Li river and stunning scenery. You can feel how remarkable the Karst mountains scenery is when you get into Yangshuo.

Yangshuo has more than 300 climbing routes ranging from difficulties from 5.6 - 5.13. You can find lively climbing scene in town. The toughest routes was set by world famous rock climber Todd Skinner (first 5.13) and Chris Sharma (5.14b). The rock conditional is typical limestone erosion pattern, they are dark in color and the rock dissolves away it leaves a sharp, honeycombed surface. Faces not exposed as directly to rain, many are covered by huge overhangs, remain light brown to orange in color and provide the best walls for climbing. It is suitable from beginner to experienced climber.

You can climb almost the year around in Yangshuo if you don't mind it's quite wet and cold in winter time. The best season to climb is the fall from Sept to November. Many of the walls are overhung and well protected from the rain and can be climbed a rainy weather in summer time. Yangshuo weather 

You can also experience other adventure activities in Yangshuo such as Abseiling, Mountain biking, Caving and  Kayaking. We can provide those services above to make your holiday full of joy and memorable!